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Wall Of Shame

One Cheater Too Many!

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I expect this page to become huge soon, so bare with us as we put a bad rep on the trash that needs it.  If you need to cheat on a game you are not a real gamer.  You are the scum that contributes to destroying competitive online gaming trust.   This is why TWL and CAL league no longer exist because no one wants to play legit and earn their stripes as a real gamer does.  LAZY GENERATION thinks its ok to cheat not here at GConduit eSports.  This page is dedicated to low lives that can’t play online games without cheating, macroing, hacking or any other upper hand advantages.  Even though Activision and other game companies refuse to put money into anti-cheats for real.  We will place these scum-bags on our wall.  These are people that have ruined PC gaming online.  People that are not real gamers won’t care but the old school that grew up on scrimming, TWL, and CAL I League gaming are pretty pissed.  They wonder why competitive League Games are not added anymore into most games anymore.   What’s the point if you can’t stop or refuse to stop pieces of shit from hacking.  As long as, they get their initial money corporations don’t care until the money is not given to them anyone.  There are two levels to this Wall Of Shame.

We are going to expose these asshats by placing their Steam ids and any other information we can find about them on this Wall Of Shame! If we can get our hands on their social networks with pictures etc… we will direct you to their trash pages also.

Enjoy, seeing how much trash there really are on the PC platform.

CAUGHT CHEATING is for the trash that acts like pros but are using hacks and macros.  Plus, vac ban losers that can’t play games online like everyone else and learn how to get good.

UNDER WATCH is based on the fishy gameplay, suspicion of cheating not yet caught to be listed in Level 1.  These are people that we are watching and wait to get full details on their bad gaming practices.

VIDEOS:  We are adding video if we can to the cheater’s profile listed here.  Some game we will have to figure out other ways to get footage.  Trust us, if someone gets listed on this site they are true trash on the multiplayer scene.